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SL-11A Power SupplySMA Connectors - female

SMA Adapters


  • A-3402 SMA-male to SMA-female right angle
  • A-3450 SMA-male to Mini UHF-female
  • A-3452 SMA-male to N-female
  • A-3454 SMA-male to TNC-male
  • A-3457 SMA-male to UHF-female
  • A-3458 SMA-male to BNC-female
  • A-3472 SMA-female to TNC-male
  • A-3474 SMA-female to UHF-male
  • A-3475 SMA-female to UHF-female
  • A-3477 SMA-female to N-female
  • A-3478 SMA-female to N-male


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