Waverunner Products

FB35T900 base station antennaGPS0002-GPS0012

FME Connectors/Adapters


  • E-6000-B FME male crimp RG174
  • E-6000-C FME male crimp RG58/LMR195
  • E-6050-B FME female RG174
  • E-6050-C FME female crimp RG58/LMR195
  • E-6100 FME double male adapter
  • E-6103 FME-male to BNC-male
  • E-6104 FME-male to Mini UHF-female
  • E-6105 FME-male to Mini UHF-male
  • E-6107 FME-male to N-male
  • E-6108 FME-male to TNC-male
  • E-6110 FME-male to SMA-female
  • E-6111 FME-male to SMA-male
  • E-6156 FME-female toTNC-female
  • E-6166 FME-female to FME female
  • E-6188 FME-male to N-female


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